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Friday, November 25, 2011

The first driver PCB's

We have made some steps with the Arduino stuff and as some know a have designed (with a lot of help) a schematic to drive up to 16Amp on a Arduino output. From that design i made a PCB design and ordered the PCB's. They came yesterday in and here is the result:

Next thing on the list is soldering some components for testing the whole thing and after that ordering the parts for 1-2 complete PCB's.

With this PCB it is possible to drive 12 devices from the Arduino, both digital and analog (PWM) and drive 5 and 12 volt devices by setting a jumper.

Only 1 small flaw: the printing od the LED is not correct, the flat side must go on the other side. Beside that it is working, now need to order some more parts.