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Thursday, March 3, 2011

PixelMagic's LED-Wiz Default Configuration Utility

First release off PixelMagic's LED-Wiz Default Configuration Utility (PDC).

It is a web-based program where anyone can create and edit LED-Wiz tables settings. You can configure your own personal LED-Wiz connections with the hardware that you own and skip the ones you don't need.
So when there is a new piece of hardware of a change of connections you don't need to edit the .ini file, you just drag and drop your new config, generate a ini file and place it in your cabinet. That's all !

I took Ext2k's config of 50+ tables and converted them to the default config (without flashers, PDC uses the new color system).
After that a few form members (Chriz99, gStav, reko19, Njay) kindly added flasher config to a number of tables.

There is a complete instruction on the first tab of the software, written by gStav.

He also made a very nice how-to make a table configuration, including a complete step-by-step on setting the right values for a specific table.

You can download it here: download link

We kindly encourage you to enter more config's, the more the better ! And it's not so difficult with the manual.

I would like to thank Chris and Gustav for the perfect help and suggestions on making this utility.

Ok, here is the url to use PDC: http://pinball.pixelmagic.nl/ledwiz/

Any additions or suggestions are welcome, please post them in this thread.

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