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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Arduino PWM with IRLZ34 MOSFET

All right, made some progress in putting together a prototype of the driver for connecting toys to the Arduino. Made some videos.

Test with PWM and gear motor connected (off, 50% and 100%)

Slow starting:

 Just fooling around:

I have talked with Mr Silver a few times and we are both at the point where we think that it can be done in a way that it adds a lot of extra possibilities and we have got both the idea that it could be stutter free.

We have done some time calculations and all things seem to be better in speed. That we have more possibilities is just a fact, the video shows that.

We are a long way from having a standard solution and it is going to need extra hardware (not expensive at the point) and i am designing 2 different driver boards, one for max 500ma per output and another for max 16 amps (!!!). The arduino itself can only drive 20ma. Think about $2-3 per output in parts max.