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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Arduino driver board

I have designed a PCB to use with the Arduino board so that you can drive more powerfull toys with the Arduino board.

Each PCB has 12 inputs and 12 high power outputs that can be used separate from each other. You can feed the PCB with 12 and 5 volts and via a jumper decide for every single output if you like to use 5 or 12 volt DC. The maximum output per port is user defined by changing the diode. The default is max 16 amp with the MBR 1645 or you can downscale it with a other diode if you like. If you change the 560 Ohm resistor to 1K2 you can also use the PCB for 24 volts.

Beware: It is not recomended to switch this high amps for a long time with the PCB

The driver board will only switch on positive voltage, not negative like the LEDwiz. If you like you can invert the signal with an optocoupler (1N35 or so) and still use it with LEDwiz. If there would be enough demand I could also design an PCB for that.

If you like you can order the PCB from me. I also give the option to order the parts needed and final option is that i solder the board for you. Offcource this takes some time !
Important remark is that I do not do this to make money but just as a service to the community. But you also might understand that I don't want to lose money on it (ordering parts and let them collect dust) nor want to spend my valuable time for totaly free.
Having said that please understand that I do not offer next day delivery as I have to probably order the parts also and in some cases a new batch of pcb's. Contact me first on what the current status is of supply's.

  • Single DriverBoard PCB: € 15,00
  • Single DriverBoard PCB with all parts: € 50,00
  • Single DriverBoard PCB completely assembled: € 75,00
All prices excluding postage and packaging. Please contact me for current pricing on P&P.

All packages will be send on your own risk. You get an email from me when it is posted. I will not be held responcible if things are damaged or lost. Payment is possible via PayPal or bank transfer (Europe only).

If you like more info or order something please use the Blogger email function on the bottom left of this message (the M).

This is the basic schematic for the PCB:

Driverboard Schematic

Link to bigger version

This is the layout of the PCB and parts:

Driverboard PCB layout

Attention: the flat side of the LED is the Kathode !

Link to bigger version

This is the partlist:

12x         IRLZ34
12x         MBR1645/MBR1065/SF14G (for 16/10/1 amp)
12x         470 ohm
12x         560 ohm
12x         15k ohm
12x         LED 3mm
12x         3 pins header
12x         jumper 12/5v select
12x         screw connector 2x
5x           screw connector 2x

To come in the near future: Multiplex board