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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Real Nudging

I got a  MS Freestyle Pro joystick for nudging.

You know me a little bit, and i do not want to go the digital way, so after some reading i came to this post from Noah:


In my opinion this seemed like the way to go, directly on the place where you nudge (with your hands) and high in de cabinet so it can be as sensetive as needed. So i did.

Then the next thing would be calibrating, because the apron in my cab is a bit on a agle. So i took this posting from the same thread:


Then loaded MM and nudged a bit while in the shoot lane. And it worked !! Played a bit and noticed that if the ball was coming from the castle bridge down it was leaning to the left side. Did the calibration thing again after a default reset (mind the order !, forward as last) and played again. It works like charm !!

I would suggest giving it a try this way, i am very happy at the moment. Off course have to wait how it's on the long run. Oh yes, and dont forget to set the PBW Accelerator in the table  ;)

BTW, mind the wire that comes from the Sidewinder, wrap it around something steady because if you let it hang from the PCB it will pull the PCB a bit away and gives you false readings.

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