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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Backbox TV

Got the backglass tv today, working on a way to attach it propperly.

Got into a real fight with Hyperpin, up to the point where i got mad and wanted to write my own

Here is what i have: the three monitor's are working, not in the order i like. 2 are connected to my nVidia (windows ID #1 and #3) and one other is connected to the internal video. Because of the low power of this card this has to be the DMD. This one is id #2.

I switched them in windows so that the order is 1-3-2 and the DMD is on the most right screen. So far so good. Can play with VP without problems, empty backglass screen and working dmd on the last screen.

Then i want HP to work. Start up after correcting some settings, HP starts just as it should, menu on the playfield, backglass on 'middle' screen. DMD is empty. So far so good u think.

When i start a table, it shows the DMD on the correct screen, the backglass stays where it is (correct). But..... the playfield stays black OR i see a table that is turned 90 degrees. Both tables are correct and without popups when i start them in VP.


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