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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Picked up a lot of stuff

Had a busy day, picked up the Demolition Man cabinaet at Harrie, i am one happy man :)

The cabinet is as good as compelte, glass, legs, plastics for the backplate en a lot of DM parts.

Only thing missing is the upper backbox glass plate and the lockbar. The lockbar is being send over to me later.

Harrie, thanks a lot for al the advice and usefull stuff !!

Took some time to measure some things, and it looks like a 46" LCD is not gonna fit. I have 58,5cm/23" width en according the Pinball-Gods at Hyperspin-fe.com are 46" LCD's 23 3/4" wide.

On the backbox a have a lot of room, 69x53cm. I'm gonna look what fits nicely in there above the 17" DMD.

Also received the 9800 videocard i bought from tweakers.net, need to test if it works.

After that picked up the 17" Dell Monitor, visible width is 34cm, and guess what, the width of the hole between the speakers is exactly 34 cm !

Here are the pictures

Some measurements i took:

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