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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Got my second VGA card in the mail, installed it and got a hole load of sh*t, BSOD and more. Tryed almost everything to get it to work, but together with the 9800 it's a nogo.

I think i will be going with a USB VGA card. Should be enough for the DMD.

Also received my SSD disk, cloned it from the Samsung HD and got it working in 1 go !

Got the lockbar also in the mail with some blue paint on it. Gave itt a good clean and is adequet for now. Also cleaned the siderails.

Gave the cabinet a second basecoat. Takes long to get dry in the cold weather that we have.

Started yesterday on the artwork, think i'm gonna do it myself even with not much experience. Wait and see what it's gonna be.  A sneek preview:

Some picture's of the backbox after it's first coat of black. Needs another layer.

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